Jiangmen Wuyi Library, once named Jiangmen Library, is established in 1956. It used to situate in Zhongshan Park and in 1995, was officially moved in No.102 Gangkou Road and changed its name to Jiangmen Wuyi Library. Itis a modern and multi-functional five-floor-building that covers a construction area of 8,741 square meters. 

The library’s services are based on collecting, organizing, and reserving all categories of written knowledge and information including paper-based materials, audio-visual materials, and digital materials. The library offers lending of materials, reference and information service, exhibitions and lectures, art appreciation, cultural display, Internet service and spaces for learning, research and communication. The library also holds various kinds of reading promotion activities.

As a branch of National Digital Culture Network, Jiangmen Wuyi Library takes charge of activities organization and material collection of national digital culture network in Jiangmen area. In 2014, the library starts the Digital Library Promotion Project to construct and share digital materials with Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province and National Library of China through VPN. In 2012, mobile library was built and it can provide more than 1.5 million kinds of digital books and 80 million kinds of digital newspaper resources. Readers can use mobile library to obtain the resources for free at any time, any place.

Since 2006, a total number of 63 community libraries have been established and together with Jiangmen Wuyi Library, the libraries construct a practical, complementary city public library service network. In addition, the library coordinated loan and return project has been realized in Jiangmen area.

Having the principle of “Reader-orientation”, Jiangmen Wuyi Library has received the approval and support of readers, the media, and the government. Also, Jiangmen Wuyi Library is rated as national first class library, the favorite library of readers, the advanced primary center of National Digital Culture Network, the advanced grass-root cultural unit and Jiangmen pacesetter civilization unit, etc.